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"We offers a touch of spirituality & traditional Indian hospitality with comfortable accommodations features stylish furniture, high speed internet access, call waiting. The hotel provides conference facilities, a full business center. Hotel Neeraj Bhawan creates an atmosphere of warmth and luxury throughout. The Hotel is stylish and modern but cosy and comfortable, with an emphasis on privacy, charm and attention to detail. Similar to a select club, the Hotel Neeraj Bhawan is like a "home away from home" where luxury is not ostentatious, but it's there in a refined way. It has a sprawling lawn with a panoramic view of the serene hills."
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Clients Testimonials
This will be my choice for my future stays to Rishikesh. Great Hotel.
A very well managed hotel for Medan.
Cheers to the team!

Our Stay at Hotel Neeraj Bhavan was amazing, Nice Food, Homely atmosphere
-Akashi Japan Group
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